Sciences Groups

General Science and Technology    1st Wednesday 2:30 pm

This group will look at aspects and issues relating to technology and physical science. The aim is to research and discuss such topics as:


  • Are solar panels (and other alternative energy sources) really a complete alternative for energy needs in NZ and beyond? The discussion would look at future developments of solar and whether it would be useful to charge electric cars.
  • When are manned drones likely to replace helicopters? Rapid developments so far and those proposed for the future.
  • Technological developments, especially computer-based, and their uses in many areas such as health, wearable devices, education, and more.
  • Other areas of interest suggested by members of the group.

If you are excited (or worried) about the potential of new technologies, this could be the group for you.

Biology                                                  2nd Wednesday 2pm

microscopeThis new group started in November 2017. The facilitator has an extensive research background in molecular biology and genetics. She will teach many aspects of biology: botany, zoology, genetics, physiology and ecology using a mixture of lectures, practical exercises and walks on her farm.