Creative and Practical groups

Camera Group                                                                     3rd Thursday 10 am

This group provides an enjoyable learning experience, helping members to see the world through different eyes (and lenses). Anyone interested in photography can join,  regardless of their level of experience and whether or not they have a fancy camera.

The group started with an introduction to the functions of a camera and will discuss different types of cameras, clarifying what they can and can’t do. Then they’ll discuss some of their photos and share their knowledge about photographic composition and techniques, editing and printing.

Cuisine                                                                                        4th Thursday, 2 pm

The Cuisine group will learn about cooking techniques, including preserving, smoking, curing and pickling and the use of spices. But this will be more than a cooking class.

The group will look deeper, learning how dishes, ingredients and techniques are influenced by culture, geography, climate and religion. The history of food availability and the spice trade will add a historical flavour!  We will ask why did that culture eat this or that, and how did the situation in that country contribute to the way its people cooked.

Just Writing                                                                             2nd Friday 2 pm

writing handThis is a friendly group, supportive of each others’ writing. Each month one genre of writing (e.g. short story, poetry, travel writing, writing for children, haiku) is chosen and members develop the idea in their own way. Members also work on personal projects. We all read our writing to the group for comment and helpful suggestions. Sometimes we share favourite snippets of published writing. Numbers are kept small to allow for lots of discussion.

 Singing for Fun                                                                         1st Tuesday 10 am

choir21The Singing for Fun Group welcomes shower singers, songsters, trillers, crooners, yodellers… anyone who wants to get together for a singsong. No auditions required. The talentless and talented alike are welcome. Members do not need to be able to read music, nor is there any requirement to be able to sing in tune.

The primary objective for this group is getting together for musical fun and the enjoyment in making music (or some semblance of). The songs we sing reflect the musical tastes of our members – and our age!

Board Games                                                                                   3rd Friday 2 pm

3 in 1wooden gamesRemember all the fun you had playing board games when you were growing up or when your children were small? Well here’s your chance to enjoy that experience all over again and keep your brain active. Activities may include card games and board games including traditional games like chess, backgammon, and draughts as well as new games. Some members may enjoy working together to solve puzzles such as cryptic crosswords or to learn new games from other members.


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