Art History and Appreciation groups

Art History                                 2nd Monday 1.30 pm & 3rd Friday 1.30 pm


We have two very lively Art History groups. One group is watching  episodes from DVD The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes, The Power of Art by Simon Schama and How Art Made the World by Nigel Spivey. Later they will watch The Private Life of a Masterpiece, a BBC series where each episode is about one painting and focuses on the artist, the techniques used, the cultural and social aspects of the period.   The second group has been viewed The Big Picture by Hamish Keith, a series of six episodes on New Zealand art and The Art of Australia by Edmund Capon. They are now looking at The Dark Ages which will be followed by The Art of Germany.

Wide ranging discussion follows with everyone sharing opinions, ideas and personal knowledge. And so our knowledge keeps growing.

Art Appreciation                                                               2nd Thursday 10 am


At our group meetings we are watching the excellent BBC arts documentary series, The Private Life of a Masterpiece. This tells the fascinating stories behind great works of art such as Michelangelo’s “David” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”. After viewing we have a general discussion amongst members; this is often very interesting with different views expressed. We find that learning more about the artist and the times in which each masterpiece was created, we add to our understanding or the work.