Current Group List

This list shows our current groups including the groups we will be starting in February. Each group meets once a month on the day indicated. For example the French conversation group meets on the first Tuesday of each month. There are two book groups, one meets on the 2nd Tuesday and the other meets on the third Tuesday of each month.

Discussion Groups

    • Antiques and Collectibles             1st Friday 10:00 am
    • Book groups                                     2nd Tuesday 1:30 pm, 3rd Tuesday 1:30 pm
    • Current Affairs groups                  4th Thur 1:30 pm, 2nd Mon 2pm
    • Detective Novels                             3rd Monday 1:30 pm
    • French Conversation                     1st Tuesday 2:00 pm
    • TED Talks                                         last Monday 2:00 pm

Art History Groups

    • Art Appreciation                             2nd Thursday 10:00 am
    • Art History                                       2nd Monday 1:30 pm, 3rd Friday 1:30 pm

History Groups

    • Anthropology                                   4th Wednesday 2:00 pm
    • Local History                                   3rd Tuesday 10:00 am
    • Shakespeare                                     3rd Thursday 1:00 pm
    • New Zealand History                      1st Monday 10:00 am
    • World Religions                               3rd Wednesday 2:00 pm

Creative and Practical Groups

    • Camera                                             3rd Thursday 10:00 am
    • Cuisine                                             4th Thursday 2:00 pm
    • Just Writing                                    2nd Friday 2:00 pm
    • Singing for Fun                               1st Tuesday 10:00 am
    • Board Games                                   3rd Friday 2:00 pm
    • Sketching, Drawing & Painting   Every Wednesday 10:00 am

Performing Arts Groups

    • Art House Films groups               1st Friday 1:30 pm, 4th Friday 1:30 pm
    • It’s Showtime                                  3rd Wednesday 1:30 pm
    • Music Appreciation                       1st Thursday 2:00 pm

Out and About groups

    • Garden Group                                 3rd Tuesday 2:00 pm
    • Local History                                   3rd Tuesday 10 am

Science groups

  • Biology                                                    2nd Wednesday 2:00 pm
  • General Science & Technology          1st Wednesday 2:00 pm
  • Adventures in Technology                 2nd Tuesday 2:00 pm

There is a calendar showing all these groups here: Calendar page.